The Sonic Fun Page!

Yes! It's the super fun lovely sonic fun page!

:ahem: Anyway...

Random Rodents...
  The original Sonic Server!
  Screenshots of BeOS!
  ST Formats -- BeOS translator for Atari ST image formats, by me (Cyan Helkaraxe)
  The Magnetic Be-Patch-O-Matic -- my app that patches BeOS to run on an Athlon XP
  Animation Masterclass! It's "Oops", by Cyan and Bane!
  Another kind of oops. Good luck =P
  JPEG 2000 is better than JPEG! So ha. =P
  BeOS "Dano"'s font rendering is _very_ poor! Make no mistake!
  AIMBot Smarterchild vs AI MegaHAL!
  Silly Mozilla! The silly browser that doesn't render any silly sites! (or any sites at all)
  Horrible bug in OpenTracker (now seemingly fixed)
  The end of Sonic Server. At least, back then.
  Cinepack. Nose. Duh.
  A Mega Mess, from Megadrive.
  Super Sonic Fan Art!
  Hmm...nice and tidy. Just the way I like to program. (yes, my assembler _is_ tidier!)
  Doctor Ballmer's Mean Conference Machine
  Hedgehog. Guitar. So?
  PAL is way better than NTSC crap! Taken with a cheap Brooktree card off VHS.
  Similar to above, same motives. Note that there is JPEG compression noise on both.
  Sonic's Fun Cage Adventure ;)
  A _genuine_ windows error message! (an accurate one, at last!)

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