Creating new folders on the boot BFS partition:

Creating new folders on a FAT partition:

Oops! Not today you won't!
This also occurs inside directories in partitions -- the problem would still be there if I went into, say, the synced_nights directory.

If it has anything to do with it, I'm running from a proper BeOS partition, with blocksize 2048. Seemingly, things go horribly wrong on FAT when the blocksize for BFS is 1024 (I don't think that's a Tracker issue though).

The problem you see above is reproducible 100% of the time; only once or twice in my life have I seen the new folder option appear on FAT, although it does happen. Therefore, if you want someone to test bits of OT, then I can probably do that. Bear in mind that I have not yet tried building my own OT; I've been using the binary release.
For the sake of completeness, the four systems I've tested BeOS on (which also exhibit this problem) are as follows:

System 1:
* Abit KT7A Motherboard
* AMD Athlon 1330 processor
* 512MB PC133 RAM
* Matrox Millenium 2MB PCI graphics
* Soundblaster Dead! soundcard
* 40GB Maxtor ATA-100 IDE HDD formatted with 15 FAT16 partitions each 2GB, plus two 1.5GB BFS partitions, blocksize 2048. Drive partitioned, formatted and prepared in plain MS-DOS 7 (win95).

System 2:
* Asus A7V333 Motherboard
* AMD Athlon XP 1800+ processor
* 256MB DDR-333 RAM
* Nvidia Geforce2MX 32MB AGP graphics
* On-board C-media sound
* 40GB Maxtor ATA-100 IDE HDD formatted with 4 FAT32 partitions (2GB, 25GB, 1GB, 2GB), 1.5GB BeOS partition, and some spare space. Drive prepared as above.

System 3:
* PC Chips 430TX Socket 7 motherboard (on fire)
* AMD K6 233 CPU
* 192MB PC100 RAM
* Matrox Millenium 2MB PCI graphics
* Soundblaster Dead! soundcard
* 7GB Maxtor ATA-33 IDE HDD, 1.2GB Quantum Fireball HDD, 2.4GB Fujitsu HDD, 8 DOS partitions (FAT 16), 3 FreeBSD partitions, BeOS running from a virtual partition (Personal Edition). Drives prepared as above, but using FreeBSD to create FreeBSD partitions.

System 4:
* Sony Vaio SR1K Sub-Notebook Computer
* Intel Pentium III CPU
* 64MB PC??? RAM
* Neomagic 256AV+ graphics (not accelerated under BeOS)
* Yamaha DS-XG soundcard
* 9GB IBM HDD, 1 large (5GB?) FAT32 partition, three Linux ext2fs partitions, one hibernation partition, BeOS running from Virtual Partition. Drive prepared at the factory, and adjusted by me (win2k removed, data partition deleted and replaced with ext2fs and hibernation)

Common software:
BeOS R5 Personal Edition (either running from virtual partition or real partition)
BeOS R5.0.1 and R5.0.3 updates
Latest binary release OpenTracker
That's about it really, apart from the faster mounting FAT32 add-on, which is only installed on some machines; this appears to make no difference apart from making the FAT mounting faster, and fixing the BeOS naming problem (~1 incorrectly placed on files created on DOS partitions when filenames are less than 8 characters, and not upper case).

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