Sonic Server

This is the infamous Sonic Server! Yes, that's right, this is Cyan Helkaraxe's own web server! * Since you are sending requests and logging into my machine, not I, nor the ISP, nor anybody takes responsibility for anything on this page, or anything you are likely to see. You are safe all the time you don't follow the links below, however, so if you are offended by anything, or will complain if anything happens, leave NOW.
Note that no responsibility is taken for anything to do with this site, what so ever! You are logging into my machine -- if you're doing that remotely, it's under your own risk.

Also, don't even think about playing silly buggers with this web server! Or for that matter, anything to do with this server at all! Everything is being logged and I can bite back. Be aware that there is nothing of value on the server anyway -- it is backed up regularly, and doesn't contain any passwords or sensitive data for you to steal, so there is no point cracking it. If you want to crack something worthwhile, try another site; one which won't get you attacked in return.

Now, on to the interesting stuff! Here is what is on the server at the moment:

Sonic Server
Above mouse graphic (c) 2001
Bane Singollo, not to be reproduced
without permission
*I n t e r e s t i n g . a n d . F u n . T h i n g s . ( n o t . s t r i c t l y . S o n i c ) [broken]

*S o n i c . " C h a r a c t e r . B r e a k i n g " . C h a t . L o g s [broken]

* S o n i c . A r t . b y . C y a n . H e l k a r a x e

* F a n . S u b m i s s i o n . S o n i c . A r t . b y :

* F a n f i c . b y . m i s c . a u t h o r s

* F a n g a m e s . b y . m i s c . a u t h o r s [broken]

* S e r v e r . S t a t u s !

>>>> L I N K S >>>>

*E l l i o t ' s . " S o n i c . W o r l d "

There is no more need for a warning; however, the warning is still here since it looks cool! =P
You will, however, need to brace yourself for some really bad art and a dodgy site! =P

*S a m m y b e a n y ' s . " H o r s e f a c e " -- campaign for a non-browser specific www Running on FREESCO -- smallest Linux Router Powered by thttpd web 

Registered Linux user 
number 189029

Site (c) Cyan Helkaraxe 2001

Ok, I don't normally support banners, but the above one is certainly a good one!

* - Note: this site is no longer being served from a dedicated server, so there =P

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