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Sonic and Tails were animating today!

They set the Knuckles's high priced coffee tables up above themselves. Be careful Sonic! And made the PENCIL TESTER! Eggman's camera wobbles but, Eggman's vital energy fills his appliances and makes them joyful, in their work. Sonic could hold it still enough with glue.

Character design, (c) 1990 Service and Games
Animation and concept: Cyan Helkaraxe
Art advisor: Bane Singollo
(c) 2001 all rights reserved
Not-for-profit fanwork/parody
Sonic and Tails take turns and carefully drew the scene unfolds. Tails felt that HE should be the star but Sonic was hungry so, they made him the STAR MEAL. Sonic said that he could not eat The Tails as they were. No Sonic! Cooking inevitable. Bushy Tails are a sign of great flavor! Or so Sonic thinks.

Then Eggman came back! To see his cameras welfare. The Doctor loves his machines except, sometimes. Then they break, but he tends to build them again. He was not impressed with the sticking camera, but!

Eggman will still help us! Hooray!

Eggman knows how to make the pencil lines creep away... the pencils dance to do his bidding "Ah ha haa!" His moustache brushed skillfully the page.

"My Word! What skill!" Sonic was impressed. Tails had never seen this ART! Wait Sonic! For the glue was contaminating, the doctor's vast moustache. But, the moustache was already, saturated with the notorious fluid, and Eggman, stating, we are not amused! The doctor's moustache had become harmed.

"EEK!" Sonic said as he watched, the doctors moustache setting like metal! Eggman flames like his machines when he is not pleased. With flames of rage war was beginning.

Sonic! Escape with us to a safe location, where the sound of breaking, rostrums does not reach us in our happy solitude! Laugh and sing with the Chao until, "BUGGER ME, WHAT HAPPENENED TO MY COFFEE TABLES!"

Oh-oh! Looks, like those rodent's can not resist to fighting! And Eggman is greatest artist, remember children!
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Note: Highly recommended for 500MHz+ mechanisms.
Best quality!

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Only recommended for slow PC or the expensive internet connection.
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High quality download at top of page is many preferred, Sonic!

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