"ST Formats"

By Cyan Helkaraxe

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Read the following formats on BeOS R5 with this translator package

  • .SPU Spectrum 512
  • .SPC Spectrum 512 Compressed
  • .NEO Neochrome
  • .PI1 Degas / Degas Elite low resolution
  • .PI2 Degas / Degas Elite medium resolution
  • .PI3 Degas / Degas Elite high resolution
  • .PC1 Degas Elite low resolution (compressed)
  • .PC2 Degas Elite medium resolution (compressed)
  • .PC3 Degas Elite high resolution (compressed)

Do you watch in awe as your friends read and write Spectrum-512, Neochrome and Degas images? Wish your IBM home micro-computer could read these files too? Well, fear not!
Take advantage of the latest and greatest graphics formats to appear on the Atari ST range of home micro-computers, and read image files from public domain libraries, cover-disks and even files "down loaded" from the latest Bulletin Board System! *
Using this translator package, you can read SPU (Spectrum 512), SPC (Spectrum512 compressed) NEO (Neochrome), PI1, PC1, PI2, PC2, PI3, and PC3 (Degas / Degas Elite) files.

With a full 512 colours on screen at the same time (45 per scanline), at a high resolution of 320x199 pixels, you'll be the envy of everyone while you read and work with images containing much more than the standard 4 colours you find on typical computers today.

In addition to all this, Spectrum-512 images can optionally be compressed to save almost twice the disk space. You can fit up to 7 of these colourful images on your micro-floppy diskettes! **

* Requires a telephone line and Modem capable of at least 300 baud. Call charges apply.
** Requires a recent micro-floppy drive, capable of supporting the new 360K double sided disks

Release notes:
This Translator package is currently at version 1.0. It can only read images, not write them. If the translator is popular enough, then write functionality may be added.
If you find any bugs, then be sure to report them! You can use the "talkback" below, or contact me via the new Electronic Mail System, at cyan@bemail.org

Estimated download times (file size 57KB):
300 baud: 24 hours
1200 baud: 6 hours
2400 baud: 3 hours


Download here

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