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Silly Mozilla!

Sillier Mac IE!

Silly Mozilla! Look!

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Question Time!

Which of these browsers has the nicest rendering?

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Spoiler space...

Top: Netpositive
Bottom: Mozilla

Browser site compatibility overview


NetpositiveOperaMozillaMac IE
The RegisterFullFullTolerableOkay
Wotsit's FormatOkayFullFullFull
Sonic ServerFullTolerableTolerablePoor
The Underground ZoneFullFullPoorTolerable
Sonic HQOkayOkayOkayTolerable
The Mine of LightsOkayFullTolerableTolerable


From this study, it is clear that browser rendering in general is not as good as it could be. However, no unusable sites were encountered in this test.
Scoring method: The scoring method used is as follows:

These are then converted into percentages and given a weighting factor of 1.15 to allow for general IE incompatibilities and poor HTML coding.

Opera takes first place, with 72.5%
Netpositive takes second place, with 59.8%
Mozilla takes third place, with a mere 36.8%

NEWS FLASH!!! Mac Internet Exploder, previously thought quite a good product, actually takes last place in this study, with a pathetic 34.5%. In this test, the font rendering was the browser's biggest weakness, with extreme aliasing visible on most sites, and very uneven font size interpretation, which has become a rather famous feature of the Internet Exploiter range of browsers.

Browser rendering quality comparison chart:

O p e r a
Opera 72.5%
N e t p o s i t i v e
Netpositive 59.8%
M o z i l l a
Mozilla 36.8%
M a c  I E
Mac IE 34.5%

Final Conclusions

From observing these results, we can conclude several key facts:

Last updated: 23/05/02