Console Survey

From Megadrive.

A survey to discover what consoles people have, what consoles they plan to buy, and what drives them to buy more consoles

Note: one or two countries have unusual names for consoles such as the MegaCD and MultiMega. If you live in one of these countries, this translation table will be useful:
Normal nameLesser-known name

Which country do you live in?

Do you know which TV standard your country uses?

Do you know what frequency your
TV standard or power lines use?

How do you connect / view your consoles? Check all that apply...
RGB Scart Lead
S-video cable
Composite video / AV cable
RF modulator
Monitor cable
VGA Box (not the same as the above)
And you view them on?
VGA PC monitor
15KHz RGB Monitor (Atari ST / Amiga monitor, Acorn CUB, etc)
Composite video monitor
Widescreen TV   with SCART
Squarescreen TV   with SCART
Portable Widescreen   with SCART
Square portable   with SCART

If you want, specify more details about how you connect your consoles up and view them. Do you use certain monitors or connections for certain consoles only? If you have region switches or import consoles, do you connect these specially?

Which of these consoles do you own?
Be honest -- this is not a place to
lie about your console collection ;)
Megadrive / Genesis     32X
MegaCD / SegaCD Saturn
Dreamcast Gamecube
Playstation Playstation 2

Now some of the rarer machines... (names may differ in other countries; pick the one which sounds like the one you own, even if it has a different name)

JVC X'eye (all-in-one Megadrive/MegaCD(SegaCD))
MultiMega / CDX (very small, portable MegaCD/Megadrive)
WonderMega (first incarnation of the JVC X'eye)
Automotive Saturn (The Saturn for your automotive needs...)
Nomad (handheld Megadrive like the GameGear)
Genesis 3 (smallish, cheap Megadrive/Genesis)
Megadrive 3 (nothing like the above -- a single joypad with built-in games)

Another unmentioned Megadrive clone (please specify)
Another unmentioned MegaCD or MegaCD/Megadrive combo clone (please specify)

Please specify other consoles or more information here...

Regioning and Imports Are any of your consoles imports? Are any of your games imports?
If they are imports, where are they from? (specifically the consoles)
Have you modified any of your consoles with a region and/or frequency switch?

Future Purchases Are you likely to, or have been thinking about purchasing any of the above consoles?
If so, is the reason due to console collecting, or is there a game you want to play?

Provoked Purchases For one moment, assume that there was a game available for a console you didn't have that you liked the look of, and wanted to play it. Assuming the console was fairly cheap (ie, not a new console), would you consider purchasing a console for that reason alone? Or are your console purchases driven heavily by the desire to own the hardware?

Asset Disposal How often do the consoles above get used? Are there any which are underused? Any which are packed away in the loft not being used?
Do you plan to get rid of any of your consoles?

MegaCD? Writer? Assuming a ROM writer is about one and a half times the price of a MegaCD, which would you prefer? (if you have a MegaCD, only two choices are valid -- Rom Writer, or none)
None; I don't want to make any new purchases
A MegaCD
A ROM Writer (upload games to a rewriteable cart from your PC, and play on the Megadrive)

And if that price was at least 50 pounds (US $70) for the ROM writer, and no more than 35 pounds (US $45) for the MegaCD, how does that change things?

No, in case you're wondering, I'm not planning to develop a ROM playback system that runs on the MegaCD. It's not possible to do.
I try to judge, because the peoples get it had occupied commandos of the sections and if it some games for the commandos rarest of the sections (MegaCD etc.......) he gives for the purchase that the machine is in the comparison with megadrive on fire.

Finally, your nickname?
Include your aimname or e-mail in the above if you want; spammers won't get hold of it

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